Aún hay tiempo

Title Sequence
Directing and Compositing

“AÚN HAY TIEMPO” is a short movie written & directed by Albert Pintó. He wanted and eye candy title sequence to end the short so 5 of my colleagues at PostPanic and I got into it to create it.

The title sequence was created by Jeroen Aerts, Juri Agostinelli, Donat Aron Ertsey, Dimos Hadjisavvas, Matthijs Joor and myself.

My role in the project was Director of the title sequence and Compositor.
I worked on the final compositing of all the shots to give a uniform look to the sequence that matched the look of the short plus I was also in charge of comping the scissor and guillotine sequences.

Following you can find a closer in depth look at my work and a funny making of the titles.