Amsterdam agency Etcetera turned to The Panics director Mischa Rozema to take on the challenge of their hugely ambitious Human Network script. Central to the integrated global campaign for TNT, is a stunning 50 second television spot highlighting the delivery giant's far-reaching network of dedicated couriers. With an accompanying tvc cutdown of 30 seconds, personalised video for TNT's existing clientbase and several key print visuals, The Panics took on producing the main bulk of the integrated campaign followed by localising to 32 countries.

The hugely ambitious script appealed to director Rozema's taste for taking on the epic, "There was just no way to turn a script like that down," says Rozema "Even though it had ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ written all over it. The complexity, the size, the craziness. Maybe that’s what really pulled me in to this. I just loved stepping into the unknown and finding out how we could make this work."

For Rozema, the biggest challenge was how to avoid the vfx becoming the focus of the tvc. "The Panics is set up differently then most production companies because we have our own in-house post production team which works instinctively with the directors. The temptation would have been to apply all that specialised knowledge and make this into a vfx fest but actually we threw out a lot of vfx when we started the project. We stepped into this trying to create as much ‘in camera’ as we could." This meant the production company had to set up major shoots in 5 locations across Europe ranging from live action drone-powered aerial mountain road scenes to complicated motion-capture acrobatic performances. Rozema, "We decided to really push what could be achieved in camera by actually creating a full size human truck on the set. It worked by having a huge, truck-sized, metal rig that could be pulled by an actual truck. We then filled it with an incredible Czech stunt team (famous for big Hollywood blockbusters) that had been rehearsing for weeks and gave the whole project a realistic approach. To be honest in the end, we used more VFX in the backgrounds (creating a non-existing airport, alpine road-tunnels and cities) than on the actual vehicles where you’d expect them."






The Panics (



Compositing and Mattepainting work for this TNT commercial. I mainly worked on the backgrounds for the airport scene.

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